1   Thunderstruck

2.  Back in Black

3.  This Flight Tonight

4.  Sweet Child O' Mine

5.  (Piece of the) Action

6.  Roller

7.  The Number of the Beast

8.  Enter Sandman



Riff Raff's first original single

After 28 years, it was bound to eventually happen. The boys have written and recorded their first original single - now available on streaming audio.

written & performed by Riff Raff

produced by Ross Nykiforuk & Brian Kendall

(c) 2013 Riff Raff Productions

produced & performed by Riff Raff

CD out of print -released 2001 for demo purposes only - not for resale
 songs written by

1. Young/Young

2. Young/Young/Johnson

3. J. Mitchell

4. Rose, Slash, Stradlin, McKgan, Adler

5. Sweet
  6. M. Goodwyn

7. S. Harris
  8. Hetfield/Ulrich

(c) each respective author/publishing co.